Review: Talk To Me

Talk to Me surprises us — in a frighteningly good way.

From Australian film studio Causeway Films comes one of the best horror films of the year.


Talk to Me revolves around Mia, who recently experienced trauma when she lost her mother to an overdose. She doesn't quite fit in with any group, but when the opportunity arises to try something the others are too afraid to, she sees her chance - she's going to try the latest trend, communicating with the dead.

By shaking a hand and saying "Talk To Me," one can come into contact with dead souls.

By holding an old hand and saying "talk to me," the door to the world of the dead opens - and afterward, one can also ask them to stay. However, it's important not to toy with death for more than 90 seconds, as they might stay...


The lead role of Mia is played by Sophie Wilde, and what a performance she delivers. She is torn between reality and hallucinations, between hope and despair, and between reason and madness as she sees an opportunity to meet her dead mother again.

Mia struggles to distinguish between the world of death and reality.

In addition to her, we see Alexandra Jensen in the role of best friend Jade, Joe Bird as younger brother Riley, and Miranda Otto as their mother Sue. They are all really good in their roles - especially Bird stands out when his character becomes possessed. Impressive.


The first half of Talk to Me maintains an exceptionally high standard and managed to scare me greatly. Both the makeup, acting, and cinematography are of absolute top quality. Although it loses steam as the film goes on, the ending is just right and makes the film even better.

It's not just Mia who meets the dead in Talk To Me.

In summary, it is a well-made horror film that is worth watching for anyone who enjoys horror - or for those who simply want to be scared for an evening.

The good

  •   Well-made
  •   Convincing ending
  •   Sophie Wilde in the lead role as Mia

The Bad

  •   Loses momentum halfway through


Talk to Me gets the score 7 out of 10.


Undoubtedly one of the best horror films of the year. See it!

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